Tyringe Integration System

Tyringe Integration System (TIS) is the new, broad and flexible system that represents a major step towards the development of a platform-independent architecture developed in Java.

Through a central core, all flows are monitored, whether it will be for integration with customers, suppliers, freight forwarders, customs, banks, or internal flows in the company/group.

With TIS you can feel safe when it comes to integration of business documents both for the present and in the future.

TIS is flexible and covers all possible EDI feeds, and goes deep in each area. This makes TIS a unique integration platform.

Communication Modules

The following communication protocols are supported in TIS:

– FTPS (Secure FTP)
– OFTP over TCP/IP
– OFTP version 2
– AS2 (Applicability Statement 2)
– Email (SMTP , IMAP and POP3)
– File