Do you want to lower your costs for transport handling?

Within Transport we are working to find flexible and cost effective solutions for you as a customers.

We support your business through our knowledge and solutions. The key words that characterize our Transport solutions are:
– Easy
– Cost-effective
– Exceptional traceability

This gives you a profitable and efficient solution!

All in one system 

Tyringe allows you to manage all transport management in one single system, regardless of which conveyor being used. The solution is completely web based and can be run as a service, making it easy to get started and no hardware investment required. Work manually or automated through integration with your special business-system. Management of multiple layers is supported. Manage all your needs in the flow of electronic booking and printing of shipping documents to automatic checking of the freight invoice. Then do the follow-up of yout shipments and you can simply  save this statistic for the future. 


– All management in one system – regardless of conveyor. 


– By calculating charges do always the right choice of cargo and conveyor. 


– Control all your shipments – when you want, wherever you want. 

Make the right choice of conveyor

With freight calculation you can always make the right choice of conveyor. With the push of a button, you get answers to the transporters that you can send to and at what price. With this information you can ensure that you always make the right choice based on your needs.

-Who´s the cheapest?

– Who can take care of the shipment?
Shipping prices are determined by the agreement you have negotiated with your conveyors. Information about eg supplementary fuel is automaticly updated in the system! With a proper price on your shipments, you can follow up and use this information the next time you negotiate with your conveyor. Make a conscious choice with right information!


Calculates the price of your freight with the push of a button. 


Select the right shipping! Get automaticly control over recived freight invoices!


With shipping calculation and statistics, you can take control of your transportation contracts!

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