Would your company benefit from a well oiled rade flow? Within Trade we specializes in questions concerning the information flow in the grocery industry, local governments, and general commerce between businesses. The purpose is to observe and be a part of what’s happening in this area so that our product development and knowledge is at the forefront.


We work closely with GS1, which is the organ that develops guidelines for all trade. We support the total EDI guideline developed by the market and GS1. With our solution you’ll get a well integrated businessflow and a monitoring functionality that is highly praised by its users. We also have the knowledge about the electronic flow between banks and companies and which transactions that are handled electronically. The main goal is to help our customers to achieve the most efficient and profitable business flow as possible.


Many companies take a decision to introduce EDI because of demands or requests from customers. Is is usually the biggest players who put pressure on their suppliers. Once started with an automated and integrated customer-EDI solution saves many companies a lot of money and time on these processes. But why stop at automating the processes of the customer side? With CIS Trade gives you access to the same benefits with your suppliers that you have with your customers. Some of the providers have no way to exchange business information using traditional EDI and these are there an intuitive web portal built in the CIS whereby the agreed business documents can be exchanged. The effect is to be fully integrated processes at both the customer and supplier side, which provides a variety of benefits such as increased information quality, reduced administration and closer relationship with their business partners. 


Seal used today to protect files sent by customers to BGC or Nordea / PlusGirot. The module Tyringe seal, HMAC includes functionality for calculating the HMAC the signet ring of file and supports seal generation of files for both BGC and Norde / Plusgirot. Functionality for complete digital seal of the file is there the addition of start and end record in the file is included. It is possible to collect the estimated HMAC and KVV values from the module for adding start and end record outside the module if desired. The module is available for Java .NET and the iSeries platform.

BGC has more information about HMAC seal.  

“We appreciate our unpretentious collaboration, it makes it easy and safe for us to work with EDI, XML and other electronic documents with TIS. Tyringe have a very good understanding of business processes and practical flows.”

Mikael Blomquist, IT-manager, Malmbergs Elektriska AB (Publ)

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