Do you want to lower your costs for customs handling?

Within Customs we are working to find flexible and cost effective solutions for you as a customers.

We support your business through our knowledge and solutions. The key words that characterize our Custom solutions are:
– Easy
– Cost-effective
– Exceptional traceability

This gives you a profitable and efficient solution!

We know customs management!

Tyringe has extensive experience in customs clearance and we have a comprehensive IT support for customs warehouses, import, export and intrastat. Our first version of our customs system was launched in 1992 and has since evolved with the customs administration and the EU changes. Today´s system is TIS and is web based. TIS can be used manueally to create and send custom declarations, but it can also be fully integrated with the business-system. 


– Easy to create and send your custom declaration.


– Avoid costs for someone else to submit your tax returns.


– You can easily follow your customs declarations and see the status. With the integration, you can achieve full traceability of the entire flow of business to customs, all according to customs requirements. 

Tyringes module for transit 

With Tyringe module for transit easily manage your types of transits. You work in the same way as for the customs declaration and you can use transit as a basis for customs declarations. You can easily see how much of your warranty is used.


– Easy to create and send your transit.


– Control your warranty.


– You can clearly follow your transit and see status.

Customs Stock

With Tyringe module for customs warehouse provides easy ability to manage your uncleared goods you have in your inventory. Stocking goods uncleared awaiting you really need them in the production or sale saves money. The money you can earn is in the fact that customs and VAT isn´t paid until you pick the goods out yourself. If you sell the goods to a country outside the EU, you wont pay anything for these goods. 


The module keeps track of account balances, information and helps you create customs documents. 


The module will help you save money by lower capital tied up in customs and VAT. 


It follows the requirements for traceability for goods that is in duty-free stre. More information about customs definition of customs warehouse can be found at “customs”. 


Duties among companies and businesses speaks daily about different tasks and jobs that are run as projects. Our experience is that this project often stops at the establishment of a plan, work begins and possibly made some changes.

A project requires both tools and intuition to find out all the unique needs and solutions required to achieve the set goals. We at Tyringe can provide both the tools and the instinctive feeling that we have acquired through our work with different projects since 1978.

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