Within Construction we are working on bringing cost efficient solutions for information flow in the construction business. With a digital information flow the possibilities for a better construction logic increases. Our tight cooperation with BEAst (Byggbranschens Elektioniska Aff√§rsstandard) means that we are always updated in the latest within e-commerce for the construction industry. We are members in Brains&Bricks (Centre for excellence in construction supply chain management) at Link√∂pings University that promotes efficient suppply chains in the construction industry. By this and by networking in other forums we actively follows the development in the industry and are therefore able to provide a solution that fills demands of the future. 


Supply construction

It is essential that material and sevices are distributed and performed right in time, also quantity and quality is essential to have a good logistic at the construction. An electronical information flow enables bigger precision in delivieries and reduces manual handling. 

BEAst Supply Material (© BEAst)

For the Customer

By switching to an electronic flow of information to the suppliers you can more easily adjust to changes during the construction time and increase the quality of the information. It helps to secure on-time delivery and quality. When the information of the parties continously is updated materials can be called up to real need, even with time. The calls are acknowledged to order directly at the reception. With e-invoicing you can recieve electronic invoices from all of your suppliers. 

For the Supplier

An electronic flow of information with customers provide great opportunitites to make their own processes efficient. Reception of delivery plans and updates of these enables better planning of their own production. Billing is done electronically and directly linked to call-off. E-invoicing, with no connection to electronical call-offs, is made through BEAst portal of logistics and gives everyone the opportunity to invoice electronically. 

Construction transport and machinery services

A large part of the information flow in construction projects today are paper borne, such as delivery notes and invoices. Moving from paper borne to digital reduces manuel handling, which means that the overall wuality can be increased and costs can also be reduced. 

BEAst NeC Material (© BEAst)

For the Customer

By sending delivery schedules to its suppliers you can secure the need of resources required at an early stage. Electronic call-offs minimizes manual handling and increases the quality of information. Order recepits from the supplier simplifies the management of the electronical invoices. 

For the Supplier

An electronic flow of information to their clients provide great opportunities to make their own processes efficient. Only by introducing one or two electronic messaging, experience shows that significant labor savings can be made. If you send electronic orders directly after performed work any deviation are handled directly. When the e-invoice are sent there are no questionmarks that need to be handled manually that will delay payment. 

Package labels

A clear goods labeling helps the material getting in the right time faster and you wont tie up valuable spaces during a long time by doing it this way. It facilitates the reception of the goods as well. 

(¬© BEAst) 

BEAst package label can contain basic information on orders and article but also the so-called destination information, that was in the building which the goods are to be delivered (stairways, floors, of apartments, room, etc.). This offers great opportunitites to improve the logistics of receiving materials.

BEAst packade labels can be implemented separately, separated from other BEAst message, but the greatest positive effect is obtained naturally when the package labels integrated with the delivery processes. 

BEAst Label(© BEAst)


Tyringe has extensive experience in integrating EDI flows to various business. Today we have integrations with most of the most common business systems on the market and a well established methodology for implementing integration solutions. 

Tyringes TIS-plattform manages not only the conversion and integration, but also intelligent functions to control and analyze informations flows and which can complement ERP systtem functions. 

BEAst Portal

Tyringe is the supplier pf the construction industry’s logistics portal, Beast Portal. Logistics Portal gives everyone the opportunity to quickly get started with the electronic flow of information. For those companies that do not have their own business systems can be handled the entire logistics flow in the portal without the need for investment in proprietary IT solutions. Portal modules are Invoice, NeC Materials and Supply Material. 

BEAst Portal (© BEAst)

BEAst Invoice, invoice, has been used by the industry since 2010 and have over 10000 suplpliers today as their users. 


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