Within Automotive is the primary mission to support our customers in the automotive industry through a natural and long-term cooperation. By following the development of the market and industry and then support this in our integration solutions, we help our customers with a focused expertise in the automotive segment.

We do the work so that you can focus on maintaining your strategic advantage.

Customer EDI

EDI is a requirement in the industry and as a customer of Tyringe you always have an updated system in line with the customers requirements as part of a very simple business model. The business is constantly changing but new customer mappings and goodflags are included in the price when you use Tyringes solutions. With TIS-platform Tyringe has taken the step from being a company that only handles communication, tranlsation and integration to also using the information in a more intelligent way with multiple special features as a good complement to the business system. We always look for automated processes for reduced administration and increased information quality. 

Below are some examples

3-parts flows 

Managing the 3-parts flows, such as the use of paintings in the process, is a flow that fully supports TIS. There are different scenarios:

– Recieve delivery schedule from the customer and integrate it into the business system. At the same time a copy is sent to the 3-parts player. 
– Sometimes the goods are sent directly from the 3-parts player to the customer, but you also want to have a copy of the shipping documents of the 3-parts operator for billing. Already made routines for this is in the CIS. 
– A third alternative is when only some articles is to be shipped to 3-part, then there¬īs a tool for managing a split of a deliveryplan in TIS. Some articles is being picked into the business system as usual and some articles is sent to 3-parts. 

Suppliers EDI

Having traceability throughout the chain is a requirement in the industry which also includes the supplychain. In the same way as for EDI customers you can work with suppliers EDI in TIS. The corresponding analytical tool can be used for outgoing delivery schedules. To capture all the suppliers we offer a web portal solution for suppliers who don¬īt know traditional EDI. In this way it will be only ONE solution for all suppliers. Integration and traceability are key concepts for the entire supply chain leading to efficient processes. 

Comparison of the delivery plan

Sometimes the influence of external factors in the market makes big variations on how a customer sends its needs. This can create big trouble in the internal material planning. In TIS there are therefore features that helps analyzing the customer needs with intelligent comparisontools and divergence reporting.  

Invoice matching of SBI invoices

Within the business it is common that payment for one product is handled with a base of SBI – Self Billing Invoice. For your own organization it is very important that the payment is truly consistent with what has been delivered and the internal incoive documents. In TIS there are a possibility to control these values automatically which will save much time.  

Consignment planning

If you deliver to a consignment warehouse there are already made routines in TIS that will give you good support in the planning of your deliveries to current warehouse. There are many parameters that can run this process depending on complexity and where the warehouse is physically located. The tool in TIS is completely based on EDI transactions and can be administrated totally outside of the business system. 

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