Key concept

One of Tyringe’s key concept is great support. So that you, our customers, can receive the best possible support and assistance. We at Tyringe have established a servicedesk for you to quickly and effectively deal with any problems. We are confident that our servicedesk provides positive interaction and quicker assistance regarding technical support. Its purpose is also to streamline communication between us.

The servicedesk

The servicedesk is manned 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in workdays, with experienced servicedesk personnel and consultants. The working procedure is approximately as follows: Those of you who are Partner contract customers have prioritized access to the service during busy periods. For those of you who have special requests, make an individual agreement with your account manager. Any guarantees agreed in a Partner contracts is obviously valid in contact with our servicedesk.

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Tyringe service desk

Manned 07.00-17.00, workdays.

TEL: 0451-570 70

BEAst service desk

Manned 07.00-17.00, workdays.

TEL: 0451-760 800