We at Tyringe Konsult AB are working to automate and to streamline business processes through integrated EDI solutions and associated systems. We have experience from the EDI-industry since the mid-80s, which makes us well established. We are happy to share our expertise to our customers and other stakeholders.

Choose from our courses or contact us for specific purposes.

EDI/EH Project

An education that will give you insight into what it is like to participate and control a project against set targets.

The importance of being able to manage projects against goals is what we highlight in this training. We give you the understanding and knowledge of the critical elements in a project. What and who are really affected by the implementation of EDI and electronic commerce? Knowledge and understanding of this provides great opportunities for the success of your strategic initiatives.


– What is important in a project, both as a project manager and project member.


– Absolutely noexperience required, as this is an introduction.

Target Group

– This training is for people who come into contact with the projects related to EDI and Electronic Commerce.

Product Training

For better understanding and use, we provide training related to our products.

Product training is a user education, but also an education for those who want to understand our products.


– Absolutely no experience required, as this is an introduction.

Target Group

– This training is aimed primarily for people who are interested in using our products or to obtain an understanding of how they work.

Customized Training

To please all, we can customize educations after your specific requests.

How Shall I Do ?

– Please contact our Education manager for more information on how to go ahead with a plan for a tailor-made training.

Contact for more info

Mats Nilsson

Tel: +46 76-855 14 00

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