About Tyringe

The knowledge company Tyringe Konsult AB is synonymous with EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, integration and electronic commerce. The company works to provide mainly the European market with solutions that simplify the exchange of business documents between different actors, B2B.

Since the mid-1980s, Tyringe has developed software in order to shorten the time from when the decision is taken of introducing EDI, until the project is ready for operation and the company can take advantage of the benefits created.


The standard EDI applications from Tyringe for specific business goals are preferably used to make EDI easier to understand and less extraneous to the individual. EDI is after all only a means by which to reach the goals of the business. Besides the desire to achieve goals quickly, to change objectives must also be possible. Then usually central developed standard applications from Tyringe are the most effective.

To be able to get the greatest advantages out of and EDI-project the integration processes between the integration tool and the ERP system is of great importance. It is also a good idea to get an integration system that is ERP independent because of the opportunity to change either ERP or integration platform with minimum impact to EDI-partners.

Business areas

The company from southern Sweden, that is now developing and implementing the third-generation integration software, has developed key applications for five different business areas. The applications administrate EDI for the CPG market (Consumer Packaged Goods), the area for Customs and Transport, the Automotive industry and for the Construction sector. All the modules within each business area are tied to the central engine for monitoring, conversion and communication. Through this monitor each company or group gets an overall picture of the entire flow of transactions that moves into or from the own business.

The modules from Tyringe offers structure in the EDI-flow, effective monitoring of all EDI traffic and a flexible message handling. In addition, Tyringekonsult offers project management and guiding throughout the whole implementation phase of EDI.

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