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On tyringe.com use cookies Cookies are small text files stored on your computer and contains information about what you do on the site There are two types of cookies:

A permanent cookie that remains on your computer until it is removed
A temporary cookie that is temporarily stored in the computer’s memory while the visitor is browsing the website are deleted when you close your browser

Tyringe.com use persistent cookies for statistical purposes to improve the design of the site. The cookie does not store any personal information such as name, e-mail or IP addresses.

If you do not accept the use of cookies you can disable cookies through your security settings in your browser. You can also set your browser so that you get a warning each time a site tries to set a cookie on your computer.

Under the Electronic Communications Act, SFS 2003:389, which came into effect on July 25 2003, all visitors shall obtain information if the website containing cookies, • what these cookies are used for and how cookies can be avoided.